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Barbed Tape Concertina wire 'BTC' has been developed to replace and complement standard barbed wire in its role to deter, obstruct and protect. The more effective BTC wire consists of a steel strip reinforced with high tensile wire and having hook- or spear-like barbs at close intervals. Heavy duty clips form a concertina configuration with diameters from 450mm dia to 980mm dia. The coils can be attached to existing barrier fences or used independently as a barrier line. The system is used by the military, police, commerce and industry.

Special Features

1.1 The barb strips and the hook grabs, unlike the prick of standard barb wire.
1.2 There are 3-4 times more points per metre than barbed wire
1.3 The coil wire is hardened steel of *780kg breaking strain and thus cannot be cut with standard tools. This special medium carbon processed wire also ensures that the coil holds its shape.
(* Manufactured in accordance with SABS CK592 of 1984)
1.4 The BTC lends itself to installation along an existing border fence/wall where at low cost the security of that barrier can be greatly improved.
1.5 BTC provides for a wide variety of installation, any one of which can be selected to meet the degree of security required, according to the need at that particular site.
1.6 The wire provides a light barrier and is thus easy to ship, transport and deploy.
1.7 BTC follows around contours and can be rapidly installed without posts or standing wire, ie. pyramid formation.


1. Blade Profile
Super Barb: Long Bladed Profile
Width 19mm before crimping
2. Heavy Duty Clip
Heavy Duty Dovetail Clip 2.5mm thick x 10mm wide steel (required to fasten wire into concertina foramtion)

3. Wire Cross Section Materials and Galvanising

0.5mm Thick Galv Steel Barned Tape Stabdard galvanising:- 275 grams/zinc per sq metre. Both sides 2.5mm diameter 1600 MPA core wire (785kg breaking strain) Standard galvanising:- 75grams/zinc per sq metre

4. Corrosion Resistance

4.1 GALVANISING: The standard coil is galvanised as detailed above. Heavier galvanised wire can be supplied on request.
4.2 STAINLESS: Also available on request.

5. Concertina Coil Data

Coil Diameter 450mm 730mm 980mm
Clips/Bands per 2 Spiral Turns 3 5 5
Spiral Turns per Coil 55 55 55
Weight kg 7 10.5 14
Approx. Diameter when extended mm 400 620 820
Recommended Maximum Length metres 11 13 15
Recommended Installed Length for more effective dense barrier metres 10 12 14
Length of Wire in Straight Coil m/Coil 77 121 164
6. Double Coil  
  Comprises the 730mm dia coil suspended in a 980mm dia coil for denser barriers.
7. Flat Wrap Coil

  (A) 500mm high x 15 metres long.
(B) 900mm high x 14 metres long.
8. Strip Steel
The strip steel has a heavy zinc galvanised coating of 275g/m² and the wire a coating of 75g/m².

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